North Dakota State University, Fargo, N.D.

Student Comments

Aaron – Business--2006

I came to Governor’s School for a challenge. High School was becoming very routine.

Coming to Governor’s School has taught me how to motivate myself. To bring 60 or so
kids together that have so many things in common and get them to work together towards
the same goal is great for today’s youth.

I enjoy Governor’s School because it helped me branch out. I see myself becoming a
better leader. I learned to make the most of every situation and use it for my own learning

Megan—Science –2006

Why I attended Governor's School:
I learned about Governor's School from my advanced algebra teacher. It sounded like
an amazing opportunity to learn more about science, meet new friends, and get a "pre-
college" experience.

Why Governor's School is worth six weeks of your summer:
I expected to learn a lot, meet some new people, and have a "pre-college" experience.
I got a lot more than I expected. I learned an amazing amount in such a short amount of
time. I was not only able to learn about the specific field of my mentor, but I also learned
basic lab techniques. I learned how to write a lab report and how to manage my time.
This experience has helped me when thinking about what my major will be in college
and where I want to go to college. I also met amazing friends. I've even traveled after Governor's
School to visit them, and everyone from my year is keeping in touch. A reunion was scheduled less
than a month after we graduated from the program!

I remember talking to a previous governor's school student who told me that the first
day I would think everyone was crazy, and that I would need to experience this before I
could understand what they were talking about. She was right; you need to experience it
for yourself because no matter what we say about the program it is always much more
amazing than we could make it sound.

Michelle—Mathematics – 2006

Governor's school is an awesome program, that you not only enhance in your
learning skills, but also have the time of your life. The first week
literally felt like a month, and it felt like I've known the people that I
was with for my whole life; That's how close we got in such a short period
of time. After the first week, the time just flies by, and before you know
it, your at the graduating ceremony crying with all of your friends that
you'll have for the rest of your life! Another plus, or added thing you
could say, is that everything is paid for! You don't pay a dime! All the
field trips, rooming, meals, hotels, etc...all paid for. You only have to
pay the things you buy at the Mall of America and your free nights! So, I'd
say it's a pretty good deal! And, you meet the MOST AWESOME PEOPLE that
you'll ever meet in your whole life! So, I highly recommend that you give
this once in a lifetime opportunity a chance, because I loved it and hope
you will too!!

Anna Lee—Business---2006

Governor’s School was important to me because it opened up so many new opportunities
for me. Without Governor’s School. I may never have been able to come into contact
with the producer for the CBS Early Show. I may also have never been granted the
opportunity to speak directly to the head of NDSU’s fashion department or to the ND
Division of Independent Study’s State Director about taking college courses while in high
school. The Governor’s School program has provided me with great friends and an
awesome support group. Governor’s school has taught me that it is important to go after
what I want and to do what I love. This six week program has changed my life and me as
a person. Therefore, I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a
Governor’s School student.

Michaela – Mathematics --2006

I will be an upcoming junior in High School. I attended Governor’s School 2006
in the Mathematics discipline. I have had one of the best experiences of my life this
summer. I have learned so much more about myself that I did not know. I learned that
challenging myself is one of the best things you can do to improve yourself. I learned that
just because one thing comes easy to you and another doesn’t, doesn’t mean you should
just give up. It means that you can ask for help, and that’s ok. I also learned how to deal
with different life situations and different people personalities. I learned that all situations
have a positive alternative and that you just have to find them.

I can’t imagine going through life after this experience not changed. Coming from
a small school I got exposed to different ethnic backgrounds along with different classes
and mathematic applications that I could not have dreamed of doing in my school. I
found things that I am interested in that I had no idea existed like certain computer
science topics and cipher texts and how to even apply regular math in everyday
situations. I also have a better idea about what I want to pursue as a career and different
job opportunities I had not known about.

My life after Governor’s School has changed so much compared to what it would
have been I am amazed. I only hope that in later years people can enjoy the same
experiences that I was able to enjoy. Governor’s School is a great program and I hope
that many more people are able to come and explore their lives and interests like I have.

Katie – Science-- 2005

To me Governor’s School was the best experience that I have
ever had. I grew more as a person and realized my full
potential. I am not afraid to tell someone that I am a Gov
School alumna; I am very proud of it. I hope that everyone
else who attends this program gets as much out of it as I
did. I wouldn't change it for anything!

Jenna – Arts --2005

Gov. School to me was a place to start over and be myself
and not who everyone expects me to be. I think everyone at
Gov. School showed their true colors, because no one had any
reputations to live up to. I'll never forget Gov. School!

Vanessa – Mathematics -- 2005

Gov School was a once in a lifetime experience for me. At
first I was leery on what I had gotten myself into, but the
friends I met and things I learned made it the best
experience ever. Gov School helped me realize what career
field I'd like to go into and provided me with a summer of
fun activities.

Paul—Mathematics -- 2005

My brother knew I planned on studying science and maybe
researching in college, and he knew a couple friends who
went to Gov School that just had a blast. So I was really
excited to go, but got really nervous when I first got
there. Soon I met my roommate, and just relaxed and had a
great time. It is a huge advantage to know so many people
from all over the state and with so many similar interests.
You make some great friends and learn so much. Gov School is
a way of life that hardly seems real when you are done. You
live and learn together non-stop for six weeks.

Alisha—Science ---2005

There hasn't been a single day since Governor's School that
I haven't thought back on the time we spent at NDSU. It is
the best choice I've ever made, to give six weeks of my
summer for something SO much more. The only downfall of
Governor's School ... is when they make you leave!

Meghan – Science --- 2005

When I heard about Governor School I was told that it was an awesome experience. I
didn't really believe it because how wonderful could six weeks of school be? After
spending six weeks at Governor School I know that it was the truth. It had a subtle way
of changing everyone with each passing day, and by the last day I was a different person.
I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world. It was the best summer of my
life. At the end of Governor School I could honestly say that I left with many new and
unique friends and mentors that are worth looking up to.