Governor's Schools of North Dakota

Summer 2011

Mr Lonnie Hass- Director

Mrs Bertolini Associate Director

Mr Guy Hokenson-Assistant Director

Ms Samantha Wede-Res Life Coordinator

Ms Kelly Gorz-Events Coordinator

Ms Candida Braun-Science Coordinator

Mr Larry Taylor-Mathematics Coordinator

Mr Nem Schlecht -Info Tech Coordinator

Eric A. Johnson- Visual Arts Coordinator (click on Facebook link)

Ms Cindy Nichols- English Studies Coordinator


Mathematics Department Home Page

Governor Schools INFORMATION



Student Work                       


Fine Arts


Individual week schedules


Week One - 2011

English 1                       English

L and L week 1                       L & L week 1

Math week 1                           math week 1

Science week1                               sciwk1.pdf  

Visual arts week1         Visual Arts week 1

Info. Tech. & Management  Information Tech week 1



Week Two

Info. Tech. & Management  Information Tech week 2

L and L week 2                       L & L week 2

Visual arts week2         Visual Arts week 2

English 2                       English

Science Week 2     Science week 2

Math week 2                           math week 2


Week Three

Info. Tech. & Management  Information Tech week 3

Science Week 3     Science week 3

English 3                       English

L and L Service                       L & L Service List

L and L week 3                       L & L week 3

Visual arts week3         Visual Arts week 3


Week Four

L and L week 4                       L & L week 4

Science Week 4     Science week 4

English 4                       English

Visual arts week 4         Visual Arts week 4

Info. Tech. & Management  Information Tech week 4

Math week 4                           math week 4


Week Five

Science Week 5     Science week 5

Info. Tech. & Management  Information Tech week 5

L and L week 5                       L & L week 5

Math week 5                           math week 5

English 5                       English

Visual arts week 5         Visual Arts week 5


Week Six

Info. Tech. & Management  Information Tech week 6

Visual arts week 6         Visual Arts week 6

English 6                       English

L and L week 6                       L & L week 6

Science Week 6     Science week 6

Science Final Presentation Times for July 15     Science Power Point Presentations



Week End 1  

Week End 2 Minneapolis  

Week End 3 Service to Others  


There is some ride sharing on the 4th weekend

Week End 5---Study and Fun  

Teams on the River  

Closing Days.. Many things to Celebrate  

Student version of Final Survey    

Click here to take survey

Service Learning    

Service Learning Guide Book- Taking the gift of GS home  



News Release

July 10  

July 12  

Other papers  

Other papers  

Other papers  

Other papers  



Minneapolis School Picture-On the Steps of Art Intitute

Guthrie Picture-Two teams

Guthrie Picture-Out Side Theatre



Canoe trip-Eating out

Canoe trip-Eating out


Final Picture with numbers-GS 2011

Final Picture sample-GS 2011

Student Staff (Team Leaders)-GS 2011

Fine Arts


Group Photo              




Team-Dumbledore's Army

Team-Dragon Horde





Student Handbook

2011 Handbook-2011


Closing Sessions

Cindy Nichols closing comments-2011 English program

Friday reception-2011

Saturday Closing-2011

Res Staff

John Lynch-John

Katie Streckert-Katie

Jade Sandbulte-Jade

Gina Vosberg-Gina

Maggie Latterall-Maggie

Rachel Tharalson-Rachel

Chris Harwood-Chris


Over All Schedule

                            Our weeks ahead

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