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Student Seminars 2013-2014

Graduate Student Seminars 2013-2014

4:00 pm, Ladd 107 unless otherwise noted





Sept 20
1:30 pm
Sudro 22

Junru Yu

DK Srivastava

The Molecular Basis for the Inhibition of ADAM10 by its Prodomain

Sept 23

Eric Uzelac

Seth Rasmussen

A Mechanistic Examination of Direct Arylation and its Importance toward Aryl-Aryl Bond Formation

Sept 24
Minard 116

Seth Adrian

Kent Rodgers

Catalase-Peroxidase Enzymes: Structure, Function, and Public Health

Sept 30

Sabine Volla

Kent Rodgers

Magnetic Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy

Oct 1
Minard 116

Anthony Clay

Sivaguru Jayaraman

Light Initiated Synthesis of Nanoparticles (NPs)

Oct 7

Kwaku Baryeh

Guodong Liu

Liposomes: Analytical Applications

Oct 8
9:30 am
Minard 112

Josiah Bjorgaard

M. Erkan Kose

Probing the Effects of Intra- and Inter-molecular Disorder on the Singlet Photophysics of Conjugated Polymers

Oct 14

Sunitha Takalkar

Guodong Liu

Nanoparticle Delivery of Cancer Drugs

Oct 15
Minard 116

Joseph Omlid

DK Srivastava

C5 Cytosine DNA Methyltransferases

Oct 21

Praveen Kilaru

Pinjing Zhao

Transition Metal Catalyzed Anti-Markovnikov Hydration and Hydroamination

Oct 28

Erica N. Mueller

Stuart Haring

Ataxia-Telangiectasia Mutated: The Control Switch of the DNA Damage Response Pathway

Nov 1
1:30 pm
Sudro 22

Nitesh Sule

DK Srivastava

Mechanistic Studies on the Methionine Aminopeptidase and Peptide Deformylase Catalyzed Reactions

Nov 4

Erik Janssen

John Hershberger

Shock Tubes

Nov 18

Timothy Wilson

Stuart Haring

Battlecruiser – Operational! Using “Starship-Sized” Complexes to Bring Order to the Nucleosome

Nov 25

Eric Serum

Mukund Sibi

Chiral Salts and Catalytic Asymmetric Induction

Dec 2

Karen Glover

Sangita Sinha

Viral Inhibition of Xenophagy

Dec 5
1:00 pm
Morrill 109

Anant Gurung

Guodong Liu

Rolling Circle Amplification Based Fluorescence Immunoassay for the Detection of Alzheimer Biomarkers

Dec 12
1:00 pm
Sudro 21

Meenu Baloda

Guodong Liu

Aptamer-based Ultrasensitive Fluorescent Detection of Mycotoxins using Target Recycling and Strand Displacement Reactions

Feb 13
2:00 pm

Hui Xu

Guodong Liu

Multiple Biomarkers Analysis for Early Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer Based on Paper Immunoarray with Fluorescent Hybridization Chain Reaction

Mar 13
11:00 am
Minard 112

Ashish Chakradhar

Uwe Burghaus


Mar 14
9:00 am
Morrill 109

Ruchi Gupta

DK Srivastava

Characterizing the Roles of Exit Tunnel Residues in Ligand Binding and Catalysis of Histone Deacetylase-8

Apr 2
2:00 pm
Minard 112

Minfei Su

Sangita Sinha

BALF1: A gammaherpesvirus Bcl-2 that Switches from an Anti-apoptotic to Pro-apoptotic Function

May 6
10:00 am
Sudro 22

Steve Wanjara

Glenn Dorsam